Czech Paradise

Czech Paradise

Visit the Czech Paradise!

Czech Paradise area offers many interesting places, historical sites and natural beauty. Czech Paradise will fascinate you.

There are many places for your active vacation. Hiking, canoeing, cycling or scooter, rock climbing. History and castles. This is all Czech Paradise.

Accommodation can be found in camps, boarding houses and hotels. Just choose.

Discover the heart of the Czech Republic, Czech discover paradise!.

Visit the Czech Paradise!

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Tip # 1: Prachov Rocks

Sandstone rock town near the city of Jičina. Prachov Rocks are one of the most famous areas of the Bohemian Paradise.

Tip # 2: Kost castle

The most preserved gothic castle in the Czech Republic. Kost castle is located in the Czech Republic, 80 Km north of Prague. 

Tip # 3: village of Mala Skala

A small village about 5 km from Turnov. The ideal place to start turstického or cycling trip. The surroundings are rock city sights. Possibility of boating on the river Jizera.

Tip # 4: Castle Trosky

Bizarre ruins of a Gothic castle ruins on two steep basalt rocks from the late 14th century became one of the symbols and the Czech Paradise.